Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Batik Tote Bags with Leather Handles

Amity Farm Batik - Carol Law Conklin:  Etsy Shop
I ordered five gorgeous batik fabrics from artist Carol Law Conklin of "Amity Farm Batik".  Click HERE to see the many art fabrics she offers in her Etsy shop, not to mention cards, cutting boards, giclee prints, mousepads, puzzles, ornaments, pillows, silk scarves, trivets, and originals!   (I also ordered this year's Christmas cards from her.

You can find her on Facebook under Amity Farm Bartik.  Her webpage is amityfarmbatik.com and she also has a blog:  HERE

It is especially fun to "walk" through her gallery HERE

The first sewing project I will tackle (after 15 years of not sewing) will be five quilted tote bags.  The other four fabrics I purchased are below.

I want leather handles and I will have fun picking out the background fabric for each bag.  I have linked a few free pattern sites but I don't know if I will use any as I want to walk through two of our local sewing/fabric shops first.

Easy Quilted Tote - free pattern

100+ Free Tote Bag Patterns

Monday, October 31, 2016

Granny's Quilt - a poem

Granny's Quilt

Irregular became Granny's hand,
determined patience its guide,

feedsacks, old shirts lovingly pieced together
upon cabin porch's worn cane-bottom chair.

"Stitching prayers" she'd say,

sewing a bit long, a bit ragged.  Well house,
wash tub, clucking chickens before us,

my eyes bright, hers dimmed. Quietly vibrant her voice,
warning me of life's twists and turns.

Spellbound I sat, watching snarled fingers
create Puritan Stars to wrap about my shoulders,

"To protect you from the wolves of life" -

faith-filled blessings forever guiding,
forever nurturing all my days.

by Margaret Bednar

* * * * *

This is my first post for this new quilting blog "Of Gimcracks, Garnishes & Gild".