Sunday, April 2, 2017

1890's Reproduction Fabric Tumbler Throw Quilt

I have stated two tumbler throw quilts, one with 1890's reproduction fabric.  I found a fabulous double-strip tumbler ruler (4-1/2") that allows me to cut out five (or ten if I layer my fabric) quickly.   Creative Grids

I had a nice assortment of about 28 patterns within a short period of time.

The design is from a Better Homes & Garden magazine.  I will have it professionally machine quilted.  My next update will be to showcase the finished quilt!

I am in the process of making a bag using the batik's I purchased from Facebook friend and artist Carol Law Conklin of "Amity Farm Batik".  Click HERE   

I also found an adorable pattern for a quilted clutch bag with an antique looking snap handle.  Can't wait to start that project and share it.  

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Black floral tablecloth made by "Birds of the Air Quilts"

Photo courtesy of Birds of the Air Quilts
I commissioned the MOST AMAZING tablecloth from my blog and FB friend, Ruth Mowry.  I highly recommend her artistry and craftsmanship.  Click on the link below!

birds of the air quilts: Black floral tablecloth: An old blog friend, who is also a Facebook friend, asked me to make a holiday tablecloth for her long narrow table. She and her husband h...

"The Quilt" a poem

The Quilt

One of life's simple pleasures
is the smell of butterflies and clover,
of sunshine after spring showers -

of capturing the day with a clothespin
and wrapping oneself up with it for the night.

by Margaret Bednar