Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Black floral tablecloth made by "Birds of the Air Quilts"

Photo courtesy of Birds of the Air Quilts
I commissioned the MOST AMAZING tablecloth from my blog and FB friend, Ruth Mowry.  I highly recommend her artistry and craftsmanship.  Click on the link below!

birds of the air quilts: Black floral tablecloth: An old blog friend, who is also a Facebook friend, asked me to make a holiday tablecloth for her long narrow table. She and her husband h...

"The Quilt" a poem

The Quilt

One of life's simple pleasures
is the smell of butterflies and clover,
of sunshine after spring showers -

of capturing the day with a clothespin
and wrapping oneself up with it for the night.

by Margaret Bednar