Sunday, April 2, 2017

1890's Reproduction Fabric Tumbler Throw Quilt

I have stated two tumbler throw quilts, one with 1890's reproduction fabric.  I found a fabulous double-strip tumbler ruler (4-1/2") that allows me to cut out five (or ten if I layer my fabric) quickly.   Creative Grids

I had a nice assortment of about 28 patterns within a short period of time.

The design is from a Better Homes & Garden magazine.  I will have it professionally machine quilted.  My next update will be to showcase the finished quilt!

I am in the process of making a bag using the batik's I purchased from Facebook friend and artist Carol Law Conklin of "Amity Farm Batik".  Click HERE   

I also found an adorable pattern for a quilted clutch bag with an antique looking snap handle.  Can't wait to start that project and share it.